IF you are a restaurateur

Dear Restaurateur,

EVERYONE IS A WINNER when you participate in Project Hospitality’s 19th Annual  DINE OUT AGAINST HUNGER celebration on Thursday, April 21 for the benefit of ALL STATEN ISLANDERS.

Participating is easy.  Please fill out the Response Form and return it to us.  We will do the rest.

  • Restaurants increase their sales and garner the appreciation of Staten Island while supporting an important community program.
  • You will receive two Dine Out Against Hunger Posters for your door and window which may be displayed to promote the event.
  • We will advertise the event to 6,000 of our current donors via attractive postcards.
  • The event will be advertised in the Staten Island Advance and SI Live.
  • When Patrons dine out at a participating restaurant, they get a chance to win LUNCH OR DINNER.

Our goal is to raise $75,000 from 150 participating restaurants to support the food and nutrition programs of Project Hospitality.  Please help to continue a tradition, which highlights the generosity of our community each year.

If you have any questions, please call Debra Falco at (718) 448-1544, ext. 101 or e-mail her at [email protected]  We are here to serve you.

"Dine Out Against Hunger 2016 Sponsor Tiers"


Dine Out Against Hunger 2016 is scheduled for Thursday, April 21. Dine Out Against Hunger is a restaurant-based fundraiser that benefits the feeding programs of Project Hospitality, the most comprehensive food pantry and soup kitchen program on Staten Island. Over one hundred restaurants will be involved in this 18th annual effort. The Staten Island Advance and Borough President Oddo's Office, as always, have been extremely helpful in publicizing this event, as have Mindsaw and other groups.

The committee members of Dine Out Against Hunger 2016 come to you with a very specific request that can be easily implemented and yet will assist the hungry and homeless of Staten Island.

The committee which is comprised of a number of prominent Staten Islanders, asked me this week to contact you with a specific request: Would you consider supporting Dine Out by selling the Dine Out "Dinner and a Dollar" plates in your place of business, organziation or school for at least a dollar each?

The plates could then be posted in appropriate locations to show your participation in Dine Out and to provide publicity for the April 21st event.

This unique event brings together a highly motivated and large number of restaurateurs and an enthusiastic planning committee. It is our hope that you can favorably respond to this request. 

Please see the attached response form and feel free to contact Debra Falco of Project Hospitality at 718-448-1544 ext. 101  or email [email protected].  She will work closely and efficiently with whomever you name as your organization's contract person.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause.

Dine Out Against Hunger 2015 Plate Response Form


Project Hospitality's Mission

Project Hospitality is an interfaith effort begun in 1982 whose mission is to reach out to the community members who are hungry, homeless or otherwise in need in order to work with them to achieve their self-sufficiency thereby enhancing the quality of life for our Staten Island Community.

Project Hospitality seeks to realize its mission both by advocating for those in need and by establishing a comprehensive continuum of care that begins with the provision of food, clothing and shelter and extends to other services which include health care, mental health, alcohol and substance abuse treatment, HIV Care, education, vocational training, legal assistance, and transitional and permanent housing.

If you would like to be listed as a sponsor please call Debra Falco at (718) 448-1544, Ext. 101. or see the CONTACT PAGE.